Fatboy Slim headlines Boardmasters 2011

Fatboy Slim at Snowbombing 2011 by steve wild
Fatboy Slim at Snowbombing 2011 by steve wild

Norman Cook brings out a greatest hits set at Boardmasters 2011

The biggest crowds of the weekend await with anticipation for one of the worlds best loved dance DJs, Fatboy Slim to take to the stage. The first glimpse of action is a large, disembodied green talking head looming over the crowds. This is the beginning of an intricate picture show that continues throughout the set, speaking of ‘the fourth Beetle‘ and similar snippets left open to interpretation and introducing Fatboy Slim to the set. The audience roars into applause that is sustained throughout opening track ‘Praise you‘, played with emphasis on ‘We’ve come a long long way together, through the hard times and the good‘. After decades on the dance scene these words are received with a poignancy that can only be earned through a genuine connection to the crowds. The eruption of energy that follows and the uncontrolled grin are a clear indication of exactly how happy Norman Cook is to be playing at Boardmasters tonight. As smoke bellows across the field, penetrated by green laser lights the crowd divide into large groups of revellers, the scene is a complete contrast to the drizzly battle to party last night.

Sillhuettes feed the need for visual stimulation and an intriguing and somewhat addictive story board plays out in the back ground, naked men running backwards, retro scenes and glimpses of ‘Norm‘ combined with manipulated shapes even fooling the audience at one point that the set has failed and defaulted to desktop display that soon develops a life of its own.
As Cook is renowned for, an Ibiza style party engulfs the field taking the audience on a journey of genres including the punk attitude he actively embraces. The build of word play and energetic beats keeps the crowd dancing from beginning to end, describing the set as ‘amazing‘ and ‘totally alive‘. There are distinctive perks in tracks such as ‘I Luv You Baby‘ and his own 90s classics threaded throughout the set.  The energy consistently increases without lull until a final full run of ‘Praise You‘. The classical music that follows leaves and air of sadness and crowds drift reluctantly, spelling the end of the weekend’s highest point. 

In the Relentless tent Lethal Bizzle are met by a dedicated fan base who are restlessly on the verge of starting the party without him. From the very first words every member of the audience is singing back word perfect and instinctively know not only when to shout ‘Bizzle‘ but also how – there is a way. The tent is bouncing to the point of bursting as the crowds are treated to some old school Bizzle in the run up to new track ‘Mind Spinning‘.

The King Blues at the Vans tent have also worked up a substantial crowd, the front of which engage in the moshfest that has erupted in their name.