Exposed: the nudists set to bare all at Glade

Glade Festival organisers are currently seeking legal advice after 30 German nudists approached them about attending this year's event naked.

This may sound like a cock and bull story, but festival director Nick Ladd confirmed that he has contacted the event’s lawyers to find out about the legal connotations of knowingly allowing a group of people to commit mass indecent exposure at a ticketed event.

The German exhibitionists are thought to have ‘got hold of the story’ after hearing about the exploits of one San Francisco reveller, as Ladd explains: "I think it all started two years ago when we had a guy from San Francisco stark naked and painted purple from head to toe cavorting round the festival all weekend.

"At one point he was picked up by security, but we had him released as he was actually quite entertaining and a really nice bloke."

He returned to the event in 2008, this time painted orange, to "a hero's welcome," alerting the German nudists to the Winchester based festival. Ladd continues, "[I've] explained that it can get chilly in England in the summer, and that maybe, at least the guys amongst them might be happy to cover up their shortcomings, but they said it was out of the question as it would compromise their right to party naked."

Glade have said that ideas are being bounced about including creating a nudist enclosure and calling it Buffwaffe.

It has not yet been confirmed whether security will take a hands on approach to policing the nudity, but we very much doubt they'll want to.

Glade Festival 2009
is set to take place from 16-19 July with tickets already on sale priced at £125 for a weekend pass.

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Femi Kuti, Squarepusher, Carl Craig, Plump DJs and many more are set to play the festival.

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