Enter Shikari shine brightest in NME/Radio 1 tent at Leeds

Fans didn't know where to look as Enter Shikari brought their unique?brand of raved-up hardcore metal to the Leeds second stage.

Strobes flashed, drums thudded, guitars screamed out and a nutty fan head-banged upside-down whilst 25 foot up a pillar…

Not to be outdone, shrieking singer Roughton Reynolds climbed the stage scaffolding during 'Zzzonked' to up the ante.

Think of the wildest rock 'n' roll band you can, give them enough strobes to light Ibiza and stuff 'em full of E numbers, sugar and a whole crate of Coca Cola and you'll be close to picturing Enter Shikari's mental set tonight.

One squad of fringes stuffed into drainpipe trousers summed it up best: "That was wicked!"

Leeds Festival 2010 continues tomorrow (28 Aug) with sets from Blink 182, Klaxons and many more.