Enter Shikari dominant Reading Festival

Those that had been unlucky enough to find a place beyond the reach of the speakers for Enter Shikari missed out on the best atmosphere and performance of today's NME stage line-up.

The band, possibly in anticipation of the crowd size and inevitable heat that goes with it, kitted themselves out in shorts for the gig.  

"A massive big up to the security guys for keeping people safe,"
praised frontman Roughton Renyolds before reminding the crowd, "I don't remember last year when we broke the record for the biggest amount of crowd surfers […] It’s up to you what you do."

Of course the place erupted and followed last year's suit by clapping and crowd surfing through 'Sorry You're Not A Winner'

'No Sleep Tonight' gets a warm response but it is 'Juggernauts' that really the crowd going leaving those who didn't get in the tent early enough, disappointed to be mere spectators.