Eels shame T’s ignorance

As 85,000 fans watched Foo Fighters, Calvin Harris, Deadmua5, mud wrestled or slept a 'little known' band called Eels played to a crowd a campsite busker might expect.

Undeterred by the pitiful audience he was afforded, Mr E. , his suited and sunglass donning backing band – and mini brass section – ploughed on with an eclectic greatest hits set which included ‘My Beloved Monster’, ‘Prizefighter’ and ‘Flyswatter’.

“We’ve become Foo Fighters, fighters” joked Mr E. before he ironically suggested the Scottish crowd should embrace the summer weather… in wellies.

Overall though, the big production sound in a hollow tent didn’t do the Eels justice and like Janes Addiction, Mogwai and Nine Inch Nails before them, the group found out that T has no place for talent, legend or hype… only dance and the Top Ten.