Eavis: Festival-Goers are my Inspiration!

Michael Eavis has publicly applauded the crowds at Glastonbury for their show of positive camaraderie in the face of the "nightmare" floodings. He also revealed his highlights from 2005 and threw in a few names of bands he'd like to have back in '07

It’s all character-building stuff!

On the flooding, which left the festival site in chaos and more than 400 tents submerged on Friday, Eavis now admits that he’d put on a brave face at the time, to keep up morale, and that it was actually “a bit of a nightmare“. Nevertheless, he maintains that he’d always prefer to have a bit of character-stimulating rain rather than continuous sun which just “makes people lathargic“. Overall, he reckons the festival was “pretty damned good, really” and we second that.

No more floods in future…

Fire services had pumped three million litres of water from the site, leaving it strewn with litter, sleeping bags, tent poles and mud covered tents. Plans are already underway to prevent a repeat of the floods in future. The worst hit areas were the campsites situated on land rented from neighbouring farms, which lacked the expensive drainage systems installed on Eavis’ own land over the years, hence the problem, as Eavis says: “We can’t tear other people’s farms about“. What they are looking into doing, as a compromise, is to install a “really big drain through the railway line” – a stretch of disused land which separates the two farms. The year off in 2006 will provide sufficient time for the land to recover and new protective measures to be introduced.

Personal Highlights…

When quizzed on his musical highlight, Eavis plumped for his old favourites Coldplay and ‘Fix You’ (from new album ‘X & Y’) which was the last number of the night. His bond with Martin is clearly a strong one: “Chris Martin has got a new concept of song writing,” he said.

He was also very pleased with new attractions such as the Ghost Train and the Sculpture Park, but perhaps the biggest new feature – and clearly a success story – was the Dance Village, a five tent throng of electronica in all its glory, a vibrant explosion of colour in a previously barren location.

Tips for 2007

In typical fashion, he was loose-lipped when the inevitable headlining for 2007 was bought up. “There is a group of five or so bands who are really emerging,” he teased. The Kaiser Chiefs, Bloc Party and Razorlight were the names he dared to mention. We’ll leave it to each of them to produce a decent second album then!

He also spoke openly of his desire to get Kylie to play and added, rather mysteriously: “I have a feeling she might make a career change“. He said no more – it appears he knows something we don’t. Not for the first time Michael Eavis will have some surprises up his sleeve in the coming years.

Sort it out, G8!

He also talked of his joy of the awareness raised for MakePovertyHistory and urged G8 “to have one last shove and make it happen”.

Big up the ticket-buyers

Poignantly his last few words were for the Festival goers: “The people I’ve met seem to love the Festival more and more each year…they are my inspiration, it’s the people who keep me going“.