Download, Wireless to introduce ‘smart chip’ wristband

Download, Wireless and Hyde Park Calling are set to trial 'smart chip' wristbands this summer in a bid to combat ticket fraud.

If successful, festival organisers Live Nation hope that the new technology will eventually phase out paper tickets.

Speaking to BBC Newsbeat, Live Nation’s John Probyn said: "Your ticket won't be a paper ticket, it'll be a wristband unique to you.

"If Fred Bloggs comes in, I can ask him for identification to prove he is that person.

"It's the same ring of people that are behind this. It's big money for them. Every single wristband, every single ticket is worth an awful lot of money on the open market."

Festival-goers will also be able to buy food and drink with the new wristbands.

Thanks to Zena from The Better Festival Group for this news.