Download Festival: New Iron Maiden Album Title Revealed

They wouldn't tell the journalists, so they waited until they were back on home turf at Donington, home of British rock, before revealing the title of their much awaited new album. We bring it to you first...

In his best Radio Six presenters voice, and with fellow web radio caster Phil Jupitus lurking somewhere back in hospitality, Bruce Dickinson chose Iron Maiden’s return to Donnington – home of the British Rock Fest – to announce to tens of thousands of lighter waving fans that the new album title is ‘Dance of Death’.

“Sometimes bands get to be famous, but then the media choose to forget about them” he announced to the darkening Donnington hills. “But then something happens, and all of a sudden they’re flavour of the month again. Then the media journalists decide to satrt asking – ‘so what have you been doing for the last ten years?’ – well you know the answer to that…we’ve been playing Rock Musik to Maiden Fans!”

“That’s why we haven’t told the press the album title yet – and you are first to know!”