Download Countdown – BLAZIN’ SQUAD!

Not to mislead you; that headline refers to the sun in the sky that's gonna be ensuring that the inaugural Download Festival is one of the hottest RAWWWK weekends of the summer.

Metallica will not, repeat NOT be playing; you’ll have to wait ’til Reading and Leeds (buy tickets for ’em here) for that, but with Marylin Manson, Deftones, Audioslave and Zwan there, along with Iron Maiden, InMe and all the wonderful punk on the Scuzz stage you’d be a fool not to go.

Organisers, Clear Channel have confirmed that there will be tickets made available on the door for those who haven’t bought theirs yet. We’ll have an army of photosnappas and scribes up at Donnington bringing you the best coverage you’ll find in any magazine or website…

…Just like we did recently with Homelands and Coachella, Radiohead and Blur and just like we’ll be doing with Glastonbury, Move, The Carling Weekend, V, Beniccasim and every other major festival still to come in 2003!