DJ Derek fills tent at We, The People 2011

Crowds at We The People 2011 by Andy Squire
Crowds at We The People 2011 by Andy Squire

For the first time on Saturday afternoon, the Waterfront Square: Bed stage filled up, thanks to a typically comical appearance from local legend, DJ Derek.

The 68 year old reggae DJ, who MCs in a cod-Jamaican accent, was at first hampered by technical difficulties, and then announced: “Afternoon sets are difficult when I am sober. I’m just catching up with the rest of you. I was playing in Shrewsbury at 2am this morning.” 

Derek’s set was more upbeat and party orientated than usual, blending reggae, dancehall, soul and even a bit of funk. The crowd, at first bemused at the novelty of Derek’s age and insistence to speak in a rasta accent, finally came round to loving this bizarre spectacle. And the tent genuinely steamed up as he span a reggae remix of Marvin Gaye‘s ‘Sexual Healing‘. 

The Streets headline the final night of We The People 2011 which has been marred with wet weather and a low turn out.