Dissected: Leeds Festival 2009

For those who didn't manage to drag themselves out of the campsites, here's what happened at this year's Leeds Festival...

Watch BBC Reading and Leeds Festival highlights
Arctic Monkeys, Faith No More, Kings Of Leon and more

Full Leeds Festival review

‘With a lot of effort put into focussing on regaining its reputation for a well-balanced rock line-up, Leeds felt less like a re-branding as it did last year, more a tightening up of procedure’

Leeds Festival photos
All the snaps from the 2009 edition – can you spot yourself?

Leeds Festival top ten bands: Main Stage
‘Keith ‘two belts’ Flint seems as bonkers as ever, twirling about the stage with a renewed vigour’

Leeds Festival top ten bands: Radio 1/NME Stage

‘“We’ve spent the last ten weeks in America playing with terrible bands and talentless fucking shitheads,” announces vocalist Frank Carter. “It feels good to be home.”’

Leeds Festival top ten bands: Lock Up/Dance Tent

‘Festival Republic could only have made a more controversial choice by going for BrokeNCYDE for this slot at the Dance stage.’

Leeds Festival news round-ups
‘The intimidating ‘Potion Approaching’ sees people walking miserably towards the toilets or bar before the next hit starts.’

Frank Turner interview

‘I'm literally getting fucking hatemail death threat type shit from people, literally people saying ‘I Hope You Fucking Die’ because I suggest they fucking pay for something of mine they now own.’

Leeds Festival 2009 took place at Branham Park, Yorkshire from 28-30 August.

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