Damon Albarn offers explanation for mixed Gorillaz reviews at Glastonbury

Gorillaz frontman Damon Albarn has admitted that their Glastonbury Festival show 'didn't have enough of a human element to it.'

The group were a last minute replacement for U2 who were forced to cancel their headline performance due to an injury to singer Bono.

Speaking to BBC Newsbeat, Albarn said: "We were yet to change the dynamic entirely from the cartoon band acting purely as a film orchestra into something that had more of a human element to it."

The group received mixed reviews following their Glastonbury show but a much more positive reaction to their performance at Roskilde Festival in Denmark a week later.

"Basically, the difference between that and the next gig we did at Roskilde which was the same sized audience, same age demographic, was I just communicated with the audience more,” he added, "I introduced Bobby Womack, introduced Lou Reed, introduced anyone.

"I didn't take for granted that if these people were going to be at the front then there had to be some kind of human interaction.

"It evolved into something with more human interaction. I know what people were reacting to."

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