Cypress Hill get high on stage at Reading

With a mic in one hand and a spliff in the other, Cypress Hill showed that hip-hop can continue to flourish at Reading Festival picking up from where Dizzee Rascal left off yesterday (Saturday).

With DJ Muggs blasting out the beats to anthems 'Dr. Greenthumb' and 'When The Shit Goes Down', B-Real and Sen Dog got the crowd jumping, bouncing and swaying their arms in a sea of frenzy. 

At one point in the set, B-Real lit up what looked to be the largest spliff Reading Festival has probably ever seen and when into the aptly named 'I Wanna Get High' and 'Hits From the Bong'. 
What started out to be a subdued arena, ended up bouncing and moshing to the classic 'Rock Superstar' in what turned out to be a quality set. 
Even the kids loved it and who's going to disagree with Mikey, 4 (yes, 4) from London: "Cypress Hill were wicked, so noisy but fun."