Crowdfund campaign raises £250k to bring Foo Fighters to Cornwall

Foo Fighters at Leeds Festival 2012 by Sara Bowrey
Foo Fighters at Leeds Festival 2012 by Sara Bowrey

A Crowdfunder campaign set up to bring the Foo Fighters to Cornwall for a one-off live concert has exceeded its target amount and raised £250,000.

The launch of this grassroots campaign follows a number of high-profile appeals across both the USA and UK to bring Foo Fighters to smaller, less well toured towns and cities. One unrelated campaign in Birmingham, UK has raised more than £150,000 to appeal for the band to play in the city.

According to the wording on the Crowdfunder page, Foo Fighter’s management are aware of the Cornwall campaign and now they’ve reached their goal the campaign organisers will try to begin negotiations for a date in their schedule. The aim is for a date on the 2015 tour but the organisers said they will also consider 2016. If they are unable to secure a date in 2015 or 2016 by February 28th 2015 the pledges will not be collected.

At the time of publishing, there has been 2208 backers, pledging a total of £254,596, far beyond the £150,000 goal. Pledges range from £10, for a Campaign Supporter, to £10,000, for a corporate sponsor. You must sponsor at least £50 to receive a ticket to the event, and at the time of publicising only 141 of these ticket rewards remain.

Fans in Richmond, Virginia successfully campaigned to have the Foo Fighters play in their city using crowdfunding and Dave Grohl has publicly spoken in favour of the project, saying: “I’m telling you, it could become the way that bands decide where they want to play. It’s a fun thing; it sort of changes the game. For the past 20 years we always decided who we’re going to play with and where we’re going to play. But now, if we hear that people want us to come somewhere, maybe we’ll come there.

The campaign has been launched by Angela Young and James Warner, Directors of Warner Young Management – a music management and promotions company behind live music events in the UK and further afield. Their most recent event was the Live at Heartlands festival last month in Pool, which saw headliners UB40, Boomtown Rats and the Happy Mondays take to the stage with over 60 other artists.

Foo Fighters are currently in the process of promoting the forthcoming release for ‘Sonic Highways’, their first album in more than three years. Only eight songs long, each track on the record was recorded in a different US city: Austin, Chicago, Los Angeles, Nashville, New Orleans, New York, Seattle, and Washington, D.C. The HBO series documenting its creation, and the lead single from the album are both scheduled to be released on October 17, 2014