Creamfields apologise for delays

After the festival failed to open on time leaving hundreds of frustrated punters stranded at the gate, Cream has issued an apology to those who faced the wait ... blaming the weather.

[r-zone1]A spokesman for Cream said: “One issue that we would like to take this opportunity to apologise for is the lateness of the gates opening on the day. As I’m sure most of you are aware, the weather had been considerably bad leading up to the event, with the sun finally coming out 2 days before the big day. 

“However, this factor contributed to a number of problems on the day which was the reason behind the gates opening 90 minutes late. We would like to apologise to all those people who arrived early and were left waiting and thank you all for being so patience. 

“We hope that once inside, the music, the atmosphere and the whole event in general made up for this and that like us, Creamfields 2004 was one of the true highlights of your Summer.”

[l-zone2]Scissor Sisters, The Chemical Brothers, and scores of world-class DJs including Sasha and Paul Oakenfold helped lift the mood once everyone made it into the event, which took place in Liverpool last Saturday, 28th August.    

But according to our resident reviewer, Wayne Hoyle, Creamfields was beset by more problems throughout the day and night.

[r-zone3]He told us: “At least they have apologised, which is good to see as many other festivals probably wouldn’t bother. But they haven’t covered half of it. I didn’t see any security checking people as they came in, I suppose because they were desperate to get people in after the wait, but that’s really dangerous for an event of that size. As is the fact that there were no cloakroom or left luggage facilities, so when you got hot you just overheated.” 

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