Comic Kevin Bridges sets the bar at Leeds

Rising TV star Kevin Bridges opened the Alternative Stage in refreshing style at Leeds Festival, but some disappointed fans missed out on his hilarious set as the tent bulged with demand.

The podgy Glaswegian wasted no time in discussing the poor choice of drugs at festivals – "Horse tranquilisers?!" – and took no prisoners with his acerbic wit as sharp as ever.

He shot down one heckler as "a bit of a Timmy" to huge roars from his adoring crowd.

The brilliant performance further lifted the high spirits of revellers who are enjoying rising temperatures at Bramham Park.

"I've wanted to see him for a while and jumped at the chance when I saw him buried away in the opening lineup," said Manc fan Mike Watson, 24 "Great start to the weekend!".

The festival continues with sets from Arcade Fire, The Libertines and more.