Christmas Quiz 2011: Answers

Crowds at Glastonbury Festival 2011 by Sara Bowrey
Crowds at Glastonbury Festival 2011 by Sara Bowrey

Did you take part in our Christmas quiz? Did you work out exactly where you were for most of it? Well, here are the correct answers. No peeking if you haven't played...

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1. Glastonbury Festival
2. Relentless Boardmasters
3. Snowbombing
4. Standon Calling
5. Isle of Wight Festival
6. T in the Park
7. Glastonbury
8. Like next year can’t come round quick enough

How did you get on?

If you got zero to one correct answers…
Wow, when you said you blacked out on scrumpy, you really did!

If you got two to three correct answers…
You’re a festival novice. You can put up a two-man tent, but so can the staff in Millets.

If you got four to five correct answers…
You’re getting there but your mum probably dropped you off at the gate on Friday and picked you up on Sunday night.

If you got six correct answers…
A noble effort, your Converse are still muddy from a summer of festivals.

If you got seven correct answers…
A great try, but you’re sitting second on the bill.

If you got eight correct answers…
Well done, you’re more of an egghead than Michael Eavis.