Chapel Club cap eclectic night at Liverpool Music Week

Chapel Club played to a blinding set at Liverpool Music Week 2010 to a packed Mojo venue.

Clearly the star turn in a long and varied line up, the five-piece looked very much at home.

Many of the audience at the free gig, part of Liverpool Music Week 2010, were there specifically to see Chapel Club as they knew all the words annd when the singer, Lewis announced the next song, ‘Surfacing’, one guy at the front shouted “Yes”, very loudly, cracking a smile on everyone’s face.

The set, including a new song ‘Roads’, on its first official UK outing, went down incredibly well.

Prior to Chapel Club, the Mojo audience had been treated to no fewer then five other bands. As the stage was being set for the penultimate act, O Children, the technician measured microphone height was right against his forehead, and he was no short guy.

Sure enough when the music started a giant man strolled out on stage. His deep, smooth vocals worked well on tracks such as ‘Malo’.  Their set was mainly a gothic, grungy affair.

Before that David’s Lyre had been a touch more indie-pop with tracks such as ‘English Roses’ providing a pleasant backdrop to the evening.

Diamond Rings, the third act in a six artist line up, was one of those rare truly eccentric acts. The Canadian one-man band stepped out on stage wearing gold leggings, chunky white trainers and the most vivid blue eyeliner.

Alternating between playing the keyboard, guitar, and dancing whilst the backing rack took care of the music he invited the audience to, "feel free to have more fun". This they did, and they moved forward and started bopping about. His 80s style electro pop was another sample dish on an eclectic line up.

The Loud
and Owls had started the evening off. Both playing sets that were more traditional, robust, indie sound.

The audience gradually built through the whole evening. Starting off busy, it got rammed. However, the make up of the audience did a Benjamin Button trick, gradually getting younger throughout the evening.  They turned from aging indie-rockers to fresh-face young pups as the night progressed.

The relentless November rain continued. Not that it deterred those fans that had traveled from all over the northwest to see the headliners.

Liverpool Music Week 2010 continues tonight with Dave Monks Presents at the Krazy House and Karima Francis at Studio Two