Cast make comeback at Liverpool Music Week

In the tiny performance space at BBC Radio Merseyside a small, select crowd gathered to welcome some local heroes back to the stage. And despite it being nearly ten years since their last gig, they did not disappoint.

Liverpool Music Week sees Cast open the set with ‘Alright’, which the audience greeted with rapturous applause. One punter did ask for the mic to be ‘turned up’. To which John Power answered, "You hear that, Mr Soundman? Turn it up. Unfortunately, I think that’s as high as it goes!".

But despite the ‘Kellogg’s box’ sized speakers the sound was great as they rattled through a line up full of their greatest hits. ‘Sandstorm’, ‘Live the Dream’ and ‘Walkaway’ all got an airing. As did ‘Four Wall’, ‘Tell It Like It Is’ and ‘Finetime’.

Half way through the set John Power thanked the audience for joining them "in the foyer of BBC Radio Merseyside. As you can see we’ve hits the heights. And come back down again".

Outside the gale force winds were making mincemeat of trees and rocking the traffic lights. Inside the audience were made up of mainly die-hard fans, people who probably saw them ten years ago. But the place was still rocking. When ‘History’ sprang into life with an amazing guitar riff the last 10 years melted away and Cast were back at their prime. Annoyingly John Power hasn’t aged a day anyway and looked exactly the same. The rest of the band have all had the good grace to look a wee bit older. And as the bass player pointed out, "it’s a crèche down the front. We didn’t have kids ten years ago". But somehow none of that mattered.

Cast reminded everyone that Britpop wasn't all about the Gallaghers. It was about guitars, good music and getting on with it. They have a tour planned in November and you should go, not just for nostalgia, but because they still play great songs, exceptionally well and if it makes you feel ten years younger so much the better.

The gig was part of Liverpool Music Week and will be broadcast on Radio Merseyside on 12 December.