Carter USM justify top billing at Beautiful Days 2011

Jim Bob and Fruitbat have been threatening to reform Carter The Unstoppable Sex Machine for some years now and their performance to a packed field at Beautiful Days 2011 tells us it's been worth the wait.

Carter USM were always uncompromising and age has not withered or wearied them, as they bounced onto the stage they enjoy the largest cheer Beautiful Days has so-far bestowed on any band.

Perhaps there’s no surprise there, with a decent back catalogue that contains a couple of bonafide classics, they remain well-remembered and loved.

Beautiful Days does a nice line in nostalgia and just like Big Audio Dynamite yesterday and Pop Will Eat Itself earlier, the appearance of Carter is something of a coup for the organisers, even if Carter are road-testing their material for two homecoming London gigs in November.

‘Sheriff Fatman’, of course, was a highlight, with a strong sing-along section at the front of the stage doing their best to compete with the band.

‘The Only Living Boy in New Cross’ and ‘After the Watershed’ also featured in a set that reminded everyone what an incendiary live band they were.

Dressed in a Kraftwerkian black-tie and red-shirt, Jim Bob told the audience how beautiful they were and they reciprocate in a huge ripple of noise.

“Seeing those two idiots back on stage is wicked”, said Andy from Tiverton, “what a gig”.

He’s clearly not alone in thinking this because Carter USM have tonight blown the lid off this sleepy Devon festival.

By Jon Wright.