Boss attempts suicide after festival collapse

The organiser of Celtic Rally Beer Festival attempted suicide after the event folded on the weekend of its inception, a local newspaper has reported.

The festival, which was set to have performances from the likes of The Levellers, The Beat and Aswad, collapsed on Friday (1 May) amid rumours that bands and contractors weren’t receiving payment.

On the Saturday (2 May) police started turning people away, reports local Plymouth newspaper The Herald, after organiser Stuart Wright went missing the night before.

Speaking to the newspaper Mr Wright said: "I apologise to people, but I need to get through this week. I'm not going to run away but I won't respond to threats."

Wright was taken to hospital with injuries to his stomach lining after drinking a mixture of chemicals in the early hours of Saturday morning.

"I didn't know how to face people," he told The Herald, "It's going to have knock on effects for the rest of my days."

The organiser also said that money had gone missing and people had turned up with counterfeit tickets, which the police are investigating.

It is unclear if ticket holders and contractors will recoup any money they lost during the festival.

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