Bonfire Night bonanza at Liverpool Music Week

Bonfire Night saw a whole host of bands playing at various venues as part of Liverpool Music Week 2010.

The Big House played at Mojo. The local duo, played an upbeat set including ‘Too Far Gone’ and ‘Pebble Lane’. Their tight harmonies and mellow vocals worked well and they even survived when Paul nearly took Candie’s head off with a swoop of his acoustic guitar. The music was warming and sweet, like eating a toffee apple in front of the bonfire.

At Zanzibar, The Company Store Presents was an evening highlighting emerging local bands. The line up featured Slopes, Little Miss Strange and Sixteen Tonnes.

David Viner was one of the highlights there. Supported by a backing band that included a double bass,  the bluesy riffs fitted perfectly in the intimate venue. After the fist song he announced that he had CDs on sale: “If you buy them in between songs they are only £1, it a tenner otherwise.” Several people took him up on this bargain and each purchaser got a special drum roll whilst they bought their CD from the artist himself, mid set. You don’t get that in HMV.

Over at the Static Gallery, Micah P Hinson also played a beautiful acoustic set. The American singer-songwriter played his hauntingly angsty ‘I Keep Having These Dreams’ and ‘The Last Charge of Lt. Paul’ to an enraptured audience. In between songs one guy shouted out: “It doesn’t get any better than that, does it?” To which everyone else nodded in agreement.

The gig, part of Liverpool Music Week, was put on by a new local promotions team, Harvest Sun. The well attended set, in the wonderful performance space at Static Gallery, highlights that the festival is collaborating with new emerging talent in areas of music besides performance.

Earlier in the evening at Mojo, Dan Wilson had also played a one man acoustic set. His unique vocals were eclipsed only by his cheeky northern wit. “This one’s the Christmas song, Cliff Richard should watch out.”

All three venues were busy throughout the evening. Whilst the acoustic, folky line ups attracted a mixed crowd. It was the perfect alternative to standing around in the rain and the damp watching things burn.

Liverpool Music Week 2010
carries on throughout November, with Leftfield closing it on the 25th. Key shows still to come include Cast’s comeback, Liars at Static Gallery and Villagers at the Kazimier.