Block9 Field unveils Glastonbury 2011 plans

Scenes at Glastonbury Festival 2010 by Peter Corkhill
Scenes at Glastonbury Festival 2010 by Peter Corkhill

The all-night area, Block9, will once again feature the acclaimed venues London Underground and NYC Downlow at Glastonbury 2011.

Armed with bars, nightclubs, cabaret and even a restaurant, Block9 is the place to be after dark.

The scuzzy venue London Underground, described as just ‘like being in Brixton’ will again be the main attraction in the field, showcasing DJs such as Miss Pink (Thursday, ‘Female Trouble’), Youngsta (Friday, ‘The Deeper Side of Dubstep’) and RDK HI FI (Sunday, Digital Jamaica).

Block9 also sees the return of the NYC Downlow, now in its fifth year. Expect vintage, acid and early House from the likes of James Hillard and Luke Howard (Horse Meat Disco), Brawther (My Love is Underground) and Dan Beaumont (Disco Bloodbath).

The area will also feature Vogue Fabrics, described as ‘a kinky backroom’ and restaurant/love shack The Pale Blue Door.

U2, Coldplay and Beyonce are set to headline Glastonbury Festival 2011, which will take place between 22-26 June.

Tickets are now sold out but we’re set to give away a pair of Glastonbury 2011 tickets next week.

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