Bjork spends her time on island post Bestival

Bjork at Bestival 2011 by Chris Swindells
Bjork at Bestival 2011 by Chris Swindells

Bestival Sunday night headliner Bjork postponed returning to her native Iceland for a day after her island set to visit a book shop in Newport.

The star turn in Waterstones came at quite a surprise to shop attendant, Tom Farren who told the Isle of Wight County Press; “She walked in and I thought, that woman looks like Bjork, but I didn’t think it would be her.

It was about 10.30am and she was on her own. She seemed cool. She was dressed down and she is only about three feet tall.” Said Tom, 27.

The singer spent more than £170 on items, including moleskin diaries and a boardgame based on the TV quiz QI.

Her latest album Biophilia has been inspired by the natural world and her shopping also included David Attenborough natural history CDs and an audio version of Charles Darwin’s Origin of Species, read by Richard Dawkins

Bjork played a headline set heavily-comprised of ‘Biophilia’ material which bemused the Bestival crowd. 

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