Bjork – Bestival 2011 review


Nature legend David Attenborough introduces Iceland’s most evolved star Björk in a final farewell at Bestival 2011.

She unravels space and exposes ‘Crystalline’ to its first wave of outdoor festival exposure.

But the new numbers have elements of ‘Biophilia’ that even the Island deems too alternative.

‘Hidden Place’ is the first slab of home that Björk delivers and ‘Hyperballad’ is the soul testing mission statement that’s armed with sensitive soft heart and cool reason that sets her apart from her other headliners.

Ultimately though, she’s too alternative for the majority, and as the Icelandic queen spits dark crystals as she closes on ‘Declare Independence’ she announces her love for true free thought.

Only those with enlightened souls and unlocked hearts will understand she has much more to say than just this Bestival set.