Big Country open Isle Of Wight Festival 2011

Scenes at Isle Of Wight Festival 2009 by Tom Oldham
Scenes at Isle Of Wight Festival 2009 by Tom Oldham

If you've still got it after 30 years, you're either seriously over due at the clinic and it's about to drop off or you're Big Country opening up the world famous Isle Of Wight Festival for its 10th year.

With the passing of singer, Stuart Adamson and Tony Butler now filling Stay Puft-sized shoes as lead vocalist, the Scottish rockers opened in veteran-like style.

A clearly excited Butler said to the swollen masses: “Next year will be the 30th anniversary of our first album but let’s start the celebrations early. I wanna see the restless natives make some noise.”

After blasting out hits of yesteryear such as ‘Field Of Fire’, ‘Inwards’ and ‘Chance’, the bar had been set for the rest of the acts lined up to play this weekend including Kings Of Leon and Kaiser Chiefs this evening (Friday).

Eight-year Isle Of Wight Festival regulars Georgina and Ken Bradshaw said: “I wondered how the hell they would be without their iconic lead singer,” adding that they were more then pleased with the results, “what an opener for the weekend, just brilliant.”

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