Biffy Clyro light up Sonisphere 2011

Band carry on firework and pyrotechnic theme from Metallica the night previous at Sonisphere 2011.

Biffy Clyro played their biggest ever gig in front of a rapturous Sonisphere crowd tonight, with the help of a Guy Fawkes’ toolbox of pyrotechnics and ingenious lighting.  

Backed by a stage set that was seemingly inspired by the Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus – a chequered floor swirling into the back of the stage, where a giant warped mirror distorted the reflections of Simon Neil and Ben and James Johnston – Biffy Clyro ran through a relentless, career-spanning set. 

Usually, headlining bands keep the theatrics to the end. Not Biffy. Ticker tape and hundreds of balloons had been fired towards the crowd, before they’d even got two songs into their packed set. 

Elsewhere, it was like they’d mugged Metallica‘s lighting engineer on their way out the previous night. Bursts of fire shot across the stage for ‘Who’s Got a Match‘, embers rained down at Biffy’s heads, while during Machines a giant spread of lightbulbs descended from above to surround Neil, bathing the singer in an endearing, tender glow.