Biffy Clyro kickstart Rock en Seine 2011

Biffy Clyro opened Rock en Seine 2011's second stage in traditionally shirtless and emphatic style on Friday afternoon.

The Scottish rockers shrugged off an uncommonly early slot to blast a sleepily intrigued Parisian crowd into a state of heavy rock-infused enthusiastic alertness at event this afternoon.

“Bonjour, nous sommes Biffy Clyro. Merci beaucoup!” uttered frontman Simon Neil, deviating from his thick Scottish tones to launch a hesitant yet crowd-pleasing volley of GCSE Franglais.

Crashing with instrument threatening vivacity through a set drawn from all five studio albums, the flailing-ly coiffed, tattooed torso-bearing foursome oozed tight precision and Eiffel Tower topping riffs throughout their 45 minute set.

With ‘Many of Horror’ having been saved the many horrors of certain X Factor covers on French shores, the show’s finest song wasn’t its biggest singalong.

That honour went instead to 2008’s ‘Mountains’, which was belted back at the band word for word by the 2,000 strong crowd.

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Foo Fighters are set to headline the French event this evening (Friday) with Arctic Monkeys among the other acts set to appear over the weekend.