Beyonce drops Glastonbury 2009 hint

Beyonce wants to follow in Jay-Z's footsteps by performing at Glastonbury Festival - but wants more mud.

The R&B superstar watched proudly from the side of stage as her husband headlined Glastonbury earlier this year.

And while admitting to being blown away by the "energy" at Worthy Farm, the diamond-loving diva claims she was disappointed at the lack of Glastonbury's legendary mud.

She said: "I had my wellies and I got my outfit organised but it didn't rain and I wanted the mud!

"But I was there to experience the energy, it was like something I have never experienced before."

The 'Crazy In Love' star defended Jay-Z's appearance, following criticism from some quarters claiming Glastonbury should be a hip-hop free zone.

She said: "I thought it was brilliant. Jay had all the controversy – but he came out and he did good."

Not as good as a mud slide down Pennard Hill though it seems. Asked if she would ever like to return and perform at Glastonbury, she said: "It would be really amazing… I would love to do it."

The singer, who is due to release a double album 'I Am… Sacha Fierce', also said she thought Amy Winehouse's performance at the festival was brilliant.