Bestival, Lovebox to cut carbon emissions by 10%

Bestival and Lovebox have both signed up to the 10:10 climate change campaign, pledging to cut their emissions by 10%, reports the Observer.

Both festivals are looking to cut their carbon footprint by a series of different methods with Lovebox looking into using solar-powered stages and putting water fountains onsite to reduce the number of water bottles being used, while Bestival will focus on car-sharing and recycling.

Speaking about joining the initiative, Groove Armada member and Lovebox founder Tom Findlay said: "I was very fired up by the whole notion of the 10:10 campaign, you feel so powerless sometimes. I think it's important that people are empowered to feel that at home you can make a difference.

“A lot of it is just enormous practical common sense," he added. "There is no one fundamentally brilliant idea to solve it."

Organisers of the 10:10 campaign are hoping to have all the major festivals signed up by next year, with Glastonbury reportedly already considering the move.