Bestival call for stolen crystals to be returned

Rob da Bank has put a plea out for any information regarding eight crystals that were stolen from his car.

The special light-refracting crystals, which the Bestival organiser bought especially from Uruguay to be part of this year’s fantasy theme, were due to be part of a laser at the event in September.

The police have already recovered one but there are still seven missing and all eight are needed to make the laser work correctly at the festival.

In an email to us, Rob da Bank wrote: “This sounds like a wind up but ive [sic] had some stuff nicked that I really need to get back for Bestival. Essentially with the theme as fantasy this year at Bestival we’ve created this laser that’s shoots out of the top of the stage that’s constructed from 8 crystals that ive [sic] bought from Uruguay…

“theyre [sic] special light refracting crystals and kinda [sic] rare… they were stolen from my car about a month ago and the police have been on it and actually recovered one but I really need the others back so this laser works at Bestival. It’d be really great if you could post up this pic on your site and ask if anyone has any info… I need to get all 8 back as they fit together to make the beam!”

Rob da Bank is urging anybody with any information to contact where there is a reward on offer.

The crystals look like the one in the image above.

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