Beirut – End Of The Road 2011 review

Beirut at Green Man Festival 2010 by Al De Perez
Beirut at Green Man Festival 2010 by Al De Perez


Sante Fe, New Mexico’s Zach Condon aka Beirut may be a one man show in the studio, but when he hits the road with his back up band of seven it’s quite a spectacle. He doesn’t often make to this side of the pond making this headline set extra special.

Condon mentions he’s jet lagged and fresh from the hurricane in New York but that doesn’t stop him producing a bit a magic on End Of The Road‘s new Woods Stage.

With him is full brass section including tuba as well as accordion, flugelhorn, piano and ukulele. He tells the crowd, “This is the first show we’ve done with the sousaphone. We’re really excited about that because we’re real big fucking nerds.

Condon’s ability to produced world music infused folk while still creating a sound palatable to a more commercial market is quite genius. It’s obvious his European travels have influenced Beirut‘s sound. At times sounding like a chilled out Gogol Bordello while other times influences closer to home produce a Mexican mariachi band sound. At all times sounding unique and melded together with Condon’s delightfully smooth voice.

Possibly the largest crowd this festival has seen to date, the majority of the set is from Beirut‘s new album ‘The Rip Tide‘.

After a fantastic set and one encore, Condon returns for a second encore solo, just him and his ukulele. He seems happy to carry on all night when he invites his band back to the stage for a third encore. After a sound man runs on the stage to whisper in his ear, he laughs telling the crowd, “it seems my band has left, so I guess that’s it. Thank you so much!” Its still a great end to a fantastic set.

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