Beach Break Live organisers find new venue

With just six days until it starts, Beach Break Live organisers have found a new venue after being refused planning permission for their proposed St Agnes site.

As reported yesterday, festival chiefs were working frantically to find and secure a new venue, and they’ve now announced that the event will take place at Port Lympne, Kent.

Organisers released the following statement: “Gilgermesh, God of Summer Festivals has answered the prayers….. We told you we would not go quietly into the night……

“After coming face to face with the prospect of extinction, we followed our animal instincts and headed across the UK in search of safety. Bursting out of the undergrowth amongst the rhino’s, tigers, monkeys, lions and a whole host of other completely splendid looking creatures, Beach Break Live is currently erupting in a blossoming safari spectacular.

“Now based in the Garden of England…..Kent….. set in 600 stunning acres, including the lush grounds of Port Lympne Mansion with stunning sea views, Beach Break Live is about to deliver a legendary festival of revolutionary spirit.

“Are we sad to be leaving the St Agnes?…. in some ways, yes…. but are we pleased to be in the Garden of England in a totally unique setting? Absolutely. The response from you guys about the potential bad news and the threat of cancellation has been outstanding. You kept your faith….. and we delivered our promise. This is definitely a 1st for the UK. A SOLD OUT event for 10,000 like minded students, defied all obstacles and relocated to a brilliant new location with a week to go. Beach Break Live 2009 will go down in student history and you’ll be the one telling the story.

“There are no changes to the dates, line up or carefully created chaos and based on your feedback, the vibe will be off the hook.

“We will be sending out revised coach costs on Thursday but there will not be any increases to your coach costs and for those who have booked coaches who are significantly nearer to the new site there will be partial refunds.

“So how will it be different?

“Well for one… the weather forecast in Cornwall is whack and in Kent is looking totally cracking with highs of 26 degrees forecast. Whilst there are sea views, we have compromised having a real beach in favour of building our own and being just a footbridge away from one of the UK’s most incredible wild life conservation and safari Parks with venues hosted amongst the crazy creatures and in the stunning mansion grounds. Imagine being in rainy Cornwall, and then picture yourself being teleported to a colonial mansion, lush gardens, meets African safari????

“In Dizzee’s words “Yo big up everyone coming down to Beach Break Live, really looking forward to it, the line up is amazing and its gonna be BONKERS”. And bonkers my good people it will be.

“A massive thanks to Kent and the The Aspinall Foundation for hosting us. On behalf of the good people of Beach Break, we are now the proud sponsors of a sparkling new Rhinoceros. Whilst Borris may not be able to make a main stage appearance owing to his nervous disposition, we will be keeping you posted with his progress over the coming months.

“More information will be sent with your tickets on Thursday. Make sure to arrive Monday already dressed in your pyjamas for the Monday night love in – extra kudos will be awarded for animal patterned bed ware. From us here at BBL Safari HQ, let’s do it like they do it on discovery channel.

Until Monday hombres!”

Beach Break Live 2009 will run from 16-19 June.