Beach Break Live documentary on TV

A no-holds-barred documentary following the making of this year's Beach Break Live festival is to be broadcast throughout the week.

The hour-long programme, which will have six airings over the coming week, is the first time ever a music festival has been so closely scrutinised behind the scenes.

It follows organisers Celia Norowzian and Ian Forshew during the six months prior to the student festival, which took place at Polzeath Beach, Cornwall, in May. 

You can read our review HERE.

The pair, who are a couple as well as business partners, were followed by the BBC cameras after they turned down an offer on reality show Dragon's Den to help fund the festival.

Instead they concluded a deal with event promoters Outgoing Ltd, who organisers Snowbombing amongst other events, and set about putting together their second installment of the student festival after launching in 2007.

Ian said: "I'm so pleased to have a record of some of the best days of my life. I was worried it was going to look like me and Celia argued all the time for a bit of drama, but actually I thought it was quite accurate – the odd blow rather than constant!

"The thing I love most is the shot of the crowd at the end when everyone's going completely mad to The Enemy, that memory will stay with me forever."

Other bands who played the 5,000-capacity festival included The Wombats, The Cribs and Noah And The Whale, and while the festival proved a success it was not without the inevitable problems that arise with any event.

The programme is narated by Zane Lowe and looks to be a fascinating insight into how a festival is put together. It will be shown several times over the coming weeks and the schedule looks like this:

19 Aug 2008 – 21:00 BBC Three
19 Aug 2008 – 23:45 BBC Three
21 Aug 2008 – 01:50 BBC Three
22 Aug 2008 – 03:15 BBC Three
24 Aug 2008 – 20:00 BBC Three
25 Aug 2008 – 01:50 BBC Three