Ash appearance at Carling Weekend ‘Doubtful’

It has been reported that Ash's tour bus has been involved in a crash whilst travelling between venues on Moby's Area:2 touring festival in the United States.

[R-Zone1]Bassist Mark Hamilton describes the scene, “It was completely black, the bunks were all darkened off. The whole place was just carnage. Rick and Charlotte were both thrown out of their bunks into the isle. Rick broke his ribs.”


The recovery of drummer Rick McMurray will decide whether the band will play this weekend’s Carling Weekend – Reading and Leeds festival. They are booked to play in Reading on Saturday and Leeds the following day


He also stated that the band is currently unsure if Rick, and thus Ash, will be well enough to perform: “At the minute it looks like it’s down to Rick“, he said. “I’ve had broken ribs before and it’s hard to breathe. And if he’s going to be playing for an hour, I don’t know, drumming’s quite physical.”

A final decision will be made in the next two days, according to Hamilton – who added that the band would do everything they can to appear.