All aboard the Glasto ghost-train

A "terrifying" ghost train is being planned to give next year's Glastonbury goers the festival fear - but can it be any scarier than a portaloo on Sunday night? Or this bloke caught at TDK Cross Central?

Talking exclusively to Virtual Festivals, Michael Eavis revealed new plans to put the shivers up next year’s Pilton pilgrims – and we’re not talking about a ban on sleeping bags.

On the back of Glastonbury being given an award for Most Innovative Festival, a huge ghost train is being planned for the theatre field. CLICK HERE for all the results of the UK Festival Awards.

Eavis said: “It’s going to be state-of-the-art, the best ever ghost train. It’ll be terrific and very scary.”

The project is being (quite literally) put together by the Mutoid Waste Company, a collective of post-punk industrial artists who have been stunning crowds at Glastonbury with their massive, moving metal creations since 1986.

A similar venture Carnesky’s Ghost Train was planned for last year’s festival but it had to be shelved last minute due to logistical problems.

Now it seems, to make up for it, this one will be twice as scary. It will only be open to over 15’s and like every other art project at Glasto will be absolutely free.