Alex Winston: ‘A man shook his breasts at me while I was onstage’

Alex Winston told VF about the time a man shook his breasts at her while she was onstage, during an exclusive V Festival 2011 interview.

The rising star, famed for hits like ‘Sister Wife’ and ‘Choice Notes’, was recounting the weirdest encounter at a festival.

“The strangest thing to ever happen to me on tour was a man showed me his breasts and they were larger than mine,” admitted the singer, adding: “he had a bra on and he kind of shook them at me.”

Alex Winston also discussed her V Festival 2011 experiences, the other festivals this summer and much more.

She also said that dream festival line up would include Chuck Berry, Little Richard and The Rolling Stones all on the same bill.

Watch the full Alex Winston interview at the top of this article.

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