AIF members reveal latest green improvements

The Association of Independent Festivals (AIF) has released figures showing improvements in festivals' green policies.

The results show that 100% of participating festivals promote public transport and 84% use some sort of renewable energy in an attempt to cut down on carbon emissions.

All participants had some form of recycling in place, with 100% having a dedicated environmental co-ordinator and 93% having a written environmental policy.

Shambala Festival ran on 100% renewable energy and improved recycling rates, while Bestival had more compost toilets than any other event in the UK.

Grass Roots Festival sold no bottled water on site, providing taps and re-usable water bottles and donating all proceeds to charity, as well as organising a beach clean in the local area.

Seven participating festivals won awards at the Greener Festival Awards 2010.

Each festival must submit a detailed application covering 53 different environmental questions on topics ranging from energy conservation to recycling to environmental protection to audience travel, and must also submit to an independent environmental audit by A Greener Festival.