Adam Ant stand and deliver at Guilfest

Crowds at Guilfest 2010 by Sara Bowrey
Crowds at Guilfest 2010 by Sara Bowrey

Dressed in full regalia (which ultimately) ended in a topless frontman, Adam Ant and the good, the mad and the lovely posse rocked the Good Time Guide Stage at Guilfest, leaving festival-goers wondering why anyone was watching anybody else.

Unlike some of the other performers across the day, interaction with the crowd was at its peak and the band were introduced in full, mid-set, sandwiched amongst favourites such as ‘Ant Music’, ‘Stand and Deliver’ and ‘Goody Two Shoes’.

Ending the set on ‘Prince Charming’ and returning for the encore with ‘Physical’, Adam Ant and co provided a special and rare festival performance for a very satisfied audience.

“I have two words for you Guildford, fuck Glastonbury” frontman Stuart Goddard shouted with which he received a rebellious roar. He knows how to get on your good side …

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