1 in 12 festivals tickets are fake, say OFT

The Office of Fair Trading (OFT) has warned that one in every 12 festival tickets bought online are fake, costing victims an average of £80.

The figures come from an unpublished OFT study of ticket frauds from all of last year's festivals, reports the Guardian.

Organised gangs are creating fake websites with similar names and designs to official ones with festival organisers only becoming aware of an issue when panicked buyers contact them about their missing tickets.

John Probyn, chief operating officer of Download Festival, says the problem is growing: “We have known about fake-ticketing websites for some time but in the past three years it has developed into a big business.

“Every time we have tickets go on sale for a festival or a big show, you only have to do a quick search of the internet and can bet that half the sites that look official are, in fact, fakes."

The OFT has created a website to educate festival-goers on how to avoid being scammed by fake sellers.

Click here to read the OFT suggestions on steering clear of buying fake festival tickets.