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Name: Latitude Festival 2013


Henham Park, Suffolk UK
NR34 8AN

About Latitude Festival 2013

Latitude sits at the heart of the summer, with its innovative programming and stunning site design creating a spectacular weekend for 35,000 people in the beautiful surroundings of Henham Park, Suffolk.

Expect the Latitude 2013 line up to feature ethereal bands like past performers Suede, Elbow and Bon Iver. Whether it's surprise guests in the woods keeping handfuls of festival-goers in awe or a poet's turn of phrase making a punter chortle, Latitude is a rich tapestry of joyous art for all ages.

The festival boasts around fifteen arenas that will enlighten, question, amuse and bemuse the most cultured festival-goer. Latitude even has a children's arena that is as diverse as anything for adults. It's a weekend away where fans can rediscover themselves.

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