LFO De-magnetises BLOC Weekend 2011

"That was mental. That's made my night that has"

Matt Cook on 12 March 2011

A hypnotising LED show combined with his no-holds barred electronica made for the perfect antidote to the earlier Magnetic Man show, and the main stage was much busier, and much more receptive to the hard edged sounds, and the intensity of the visuals on offer.

"That was mental. That's made my night that has" said Emily- a Bloc virgin.

It's down to the guys with real stamina to keep going after the night we've had, and Claude Von Stroke is going to find it difficult to fill the dancefloor with his 4.30-6am Dj set...

Stay tuned for more BLOC Weekend 2011 news as it continues over the weekend (12 - 13 March).

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