Guilfest 2004 Headliners Announced!

United Kingdom United Kingdom | 27 March 2004

Guilfest 2004 - something for everyone

With Blondie, Simple Minds and UB40 now officially announced as the Guilfest 2004 headliners it looks like organiser Tony Scott is going to be aiming this year's festival at the 30-something market. Anybody vaguely interested in music and aged between about 32 and 40 will almost certainly have had albums by one or two (and possibly all three) of these artists when they were forming their musical tastes at school.

Blondie epitomised rock-chick chic to a post punk generation looking for a new glamour rising from the bile of late 70's counter-culture. Simple Minds charcterised the power of stadium rock, and waved their larger-than-life uber-ballads like flags from the battlements of the pop charts. UB40 were the guys from the pub made good, blending cultural reference points with ease to create whistful feel-good melodies that still echo down through the years as true classic pop songs.

Guilfest is just a short hop down from London, so for those approaching middle age with a desire to seek the more comfortable things in life it offers a fantastic opportunity to dive into the festival spirit in the knowledge that a warm bed awaits back at home at the end of the night. Of course for the hardier souls the festival also offers fantastic camping facilities...not least the open air lido, which becomes a massively inviting site early on a scorching hot summer morning.

The size of Guilfest makes it possible for the festival to book some great acts whilst keeping the atmosphere friendly and intimate at the same time.

Tickets are priced to allow for day-visits, weekend camping or staying in a camper van, with reductions for under 16's. They are available directly from the event HERE.

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