Foxy Shazam wow Reading Festival

Festival Republic stage witnesses, "set of the weekend"

Foxy Shazam wow Reading Festival

Photographer: Al De PerezAlex Fahey on 29 August 2010

The band, fronted by the enigmatic Eric Sean Nally postured through 30 minutes of 'hair' rock to a full tent.  

Nally looked like an untamed Freddie Mercury as he asked the audience, "who here knows Biffy Clyro?" to cheers from the crowd. "Well we wrote this song doing 90mph in the back of a pick-up truck," before jumping all over the stage to 'All I Needed Is You'.

For Nally's next trick he swallowed four cigarettes donated by audience members, during, 'Smoking Kills' to gasps and then cheers from the fans in front.

The band’s finale involved Nally climbing the poles holding the tent up.

“Fuck Axl Rose, that was the best set of the weekend,"
declared a fan as the tent emptied.

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