Pendulum 'slam' Reading Festival 2010

Band give a headline lesson on the NME stage

Pendulum 'slam' Reading Festival 2010

Photographer: Rob BallAlex Fahey on 29 August 2010

"Can I ask you a question?" enquired front man Rob Swires "are you ready, here we go 1-2-3," as the crowd gleefully screamed and thumped their fists airwards for Saturday night's rave-iest headliner.

"Let's tear the roof off the tent,"
suggested Swires before the first big hit of the set was unleashed.  

The crowd were treated to an extended version of  'Propane Nightmare' which chopped between different drum and bass rhythms, making sure that the sweat dripped from the roof.  

Rob Swires, who engaged with the audience throughout bargained with the crowd, "the more you put into it, the more we put in to it. Okay?" before a storming version of 'Witchcraft' backed by bright white visuals, gets the most from band and ravers alike.

'The Island Part I' slows the set down and allows the crowd to breath before a dubby version of 'Tarantula' is left to build and tease before the crowd are forced into a 'hands in the air' frenzy as the beat dropped.

Pendulum are able to hold the majority of the crowd until the end by cutting up and throwing in Prodigy's 'Voodoo People' but  the final track, 'Watercolour' despite the smoke and sparks fizzing from the stage wasn't enough to keep the interest of the crowd who left in their droves.

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