Beautiful Days Festival 2004 - License Granted

Beautiful Days Festival 2004 - License Granted

Photographer: John BownasJohn Bownas on 26 January 2004

Beautiful Days 2004

Block out a space in your diary on 21st and 22nd August, and book your travel down to Devon's beautiful Escot countryside, because 2004's Beautiful Days Festival looks set to top the 2003 premier of this Levellers run event that harks back to the true spirit of music festivals from days of yore...and that's saying something given that last year's weekender proved to be the pick of the crop in what was a truly vintage year of UK fests.

With a license now granted the organisers are going full steam ahead to confirm the headline acts, and we expect tickets to go on sale in March. There's going to be a new venue up near to the camping area with an entertainment and bar license until 2am, and it's hoped that the excellent children's area will be expanded to ensure that the family feeling of the event is maintained and built upon.

If we can recommend that you go to just one or two festivals this year then this would definitely be one of them.

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