Chapel Club: 'We're the biggest band in the world right now'

They thank Zane Lowe for helping to support their career

Photographer: Daniel PratleyDaniel Fahey on 28 August 2010

The quip makes reference to radio presenter Zane Lowe’s record of the day.

When asked about being Lowe’s hottest track of the moment, the group replied: “By default that makes us the biggest band in the world right now, so that’s alright.

“Zane has been really good to us he’s been really supportive. We’ve had five hottest records in a row or something like that. Four or five. Well two. Zane has been playing a lot, so it’s a nice feeling I guess.”

The band are set to play Reading Festival 2010 this afternoon.

Watch the full video at the top right hand side of this article.

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