Hadouken! Pull a huge Reading crowd

The NME tent is filled from front to back for a riff filled sing-a-long.

Hadouken! Pull a huge Reading crowd

Photographer: Sara BowreyAlex Fahey on 28 August 2010

"Does everyone feel alive?" asked frontman James Smith before throwing himself in 'Turn The Lights Out', with the coda of "this is your last chance," being sung straight back at the singer.

'Rebirth' was greeted with a massive cheer and a hands in the air moment as the band tore songs from their album 'For The Masses'.

"This one is for the hardened crew. Stay save," advised Smith before smiling and saying, "but have a party," as the band launched into set highlight,  'Get Smashed, Gate Crash.'

Reading Festival 2010
continues with sets from Pendulum, Arcade Fire, The Libertines and many more. 

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