Glastonbury Festival 2004 - Ticket Arrangements Announced


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United Kingdom United Kingdom | by John Bownas | 23 January 2004

Glastonbury 2004 - Ticket Arrangements

Following the problems caused by the number of touts who snapped up last year's Glastonbury tickets and subsequently offered them for resale at exhorbitant prices - thus preventing many genuine Glastonbury fans from going to the event - Micheal Eavis has today announced the measures that have been introduced in 2004 to prevent a repetition of this blatant profiteering.

Tickets will go on sale at 8pm on the 1st April, and you will only be able to get them by phoning 0870 830 2004 or through Each person will only be able to buy two tickets each, and all tickets will be personalised. There will also be identity checks at the gates, so if you subsequently buy a ticket from an unauthorised reseller then you may be refused entry - you have been warned! We have spoken to Glastonbury to find out what arranagements they will be putting in place for people who have bought tickets but genuinely cannot go and need to dispose of them, and they have confirmed that they are currently finalising details on this, and hopefully an answer will be available well in advance of 1st April. We will of course be the first to let you know

The price this year is 112 + Booking Fee, Post and Packing, and if you need to pay by cheque or postal order then remember that you will have to use the phone line. This will be busy of course, so if you have a credit or debit card then you may be better off using the web option. Our advice to prevent dissapointment is that if there are two of you going then get together on the evening of 1st April with access to a phone and an internet connection. Take one of them each and double your chances of getting a ticket confirmation before all the tickets go. Our bet is that the person on the internet will get there first, but better safe than sorry! (Remember that once you have one pair of tickets confirmed don't proceed with the other option.)

Micheal Eavis has stated that he hopes that these measures will make access to the festival much fairer in 2004, and that this will help to make Glastonbury Festival 2004 a truly joyous experience all round.


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