WEATHER WATCH: what to pack for this weekend

Summer Sundae, Vintage At Goodwood and more

WEATHER WATCH: what to pack for this weekend

Photographer: Sara BowreyCatherine Hawkes on 12 August 2010

For those of you heading to Fairport’s Cropredy Convention this weekend, don’t forget to pack your brolly, as heavy rain is forecast on Friday and Saturday. Things are looking up for Sunday though with sunny spells intermittently throughout and highs of 20°C.

If you’re off to the Bulldog Bash it’s looking like a warm weekend with highs of 21°C on Sunday. A touch of light rain on Saturday though and remember it will be chilly at night, (around 11°C) so layer up.

The start of the weekend is not looking good for those heading to Moor Music Festival. It is expected to start with light rain showers on Friday with highs of 16°C but by Sunday the heat will pick up and ticket-holders will enjoy temperatures of 18°C.

It’s looking to be a bit grizzly in Leicester this weekend for the Summer Sundae Weekender. Expect heavy rain on Friday and Saturday (highs of 17°C and 18°C respectively).  It’s meant to settle down by Sunday with sunny intervals throughout the day with temperatures hopefully creeping up to 19°C.

It’s going to be chilly on Friday (16°C) at Bloodstock Open Air with heavy showers throughout the day. As the weekend goes on though, the sun will be joining the metal heads and reaching highs of 18°C by Sunday.

Be prepared for heavy rain on Friday when you arrive in Monmouthshire for the Croissant Neuf Summer Party with highs of 18°C. It's expected to be dry for the rest of the weekend with sunny intervals and temperature rising to 20°C by Sunday.

It will be a sunny weekend for those of you heading to Hamswell Festival in Bath tomorrow. You should prepare for light showers on Saturday but generally warm with highs of 19°C, 18°C, and 21°C from Friday to Sunday respectively.

Pack your waterproofs if you’re off the Boom Town Fair in Buckinghamshire this weekend. Heavy showers are expected throughout the majority of the festival, but it’s looking hopeful for Sunday with more sunshine, little rain and temperatures of around 19°C.

Vintage At Goodwood
is looking to see outbreaks of heavy rain all weekend. But don't write off your sunnies just yet - some sunshine is expected on Sunday with highs of 21°C.

If you’re off to LeeFest on Saturday, it’s going to be cool and breezy with heavy showers and highs of 18°C.

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